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Victoria Day Contest


Hello SDC family! The Victoria Day long weekend is almost here! There is no better way to celebrate this day like a contest and a chance to win a FREE week at Sports Discovery Camp! You have 9 locations to choose from!

Choose your location!

Rules of the contest:

▶️ Step one is to like, tag 3 friends you think would enjoy Sports Discovery Camp this summer and share our Facebook post to be eligible to win a free week of camp! 😀

▶️Step two is the exciting part! Take a video or picture of your child talking about which sport they love the most and why. We want to know what the most popular sports for children are this summer.  


❗❗❗Post your video or picture with the hashtags #SportsForChildrenContest #SDCContest and tag @Sports Discovery Camp. Don’t forget to make your post public so we can see it. If you don’t want to, post it on your timeline and also on the Facebook’s comments. You have until May 20th to post it.

The best way to kick off summer is giving your child a free week at Sports Discovery Camp!!! The winner will be announced on May 21st. Stay tuned!


Backyard Game

We will kick the contest off and talk about a sport our Marketing Coordinator Josh Deming will be playing all summer long. He plays this sport in his backyard and has so much fun with his friends that we had to share it with you! Today’s backyard game is croquet!


To play croquet you will need to have a croquet set which contains wooden mallets, 12 hoops, pegs and balls. Set up646-01801868en_Masterfile your playing area and create a course using the hoops and pegs. Have each player select one of the coloured mallets and the ball that goes with it. The first player to get their ball through the 12 hoops in order and hits the peg is the winner. 

Once a ball has completed the circuit and hits the peg it is removed from the game. A player starts their turn by striking their ball towards the hoop or another players ball. If the ball goes through the hoop they get another stroke and aim towards the next hoop. 

The Roquet

If a player hits another player’s ball, that player gets two extra strokes. The player then usually uses their first stroke to hit their opponent’s ball further away from the hoop and then uses their second stroke to aim towards the hoop. By hitting their opponent’s ball away from the hoop still gives them two additional strokes to be used to get through the next hoop. 

Learn More about Our Unique Program!

Have you enjoyed today’s backyard game? If you want to learn about all of the sports for children we have to offer at our camp this summer check them out on our website! 

Good luck to everyone competing in our Victoria Day contest! We can’t wait to hear about all of the sports you will be playing this summer!

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