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Top 5 Ways to Develop personal growth through sports

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Today we are going to talk about a very important Top 5… the top 5 ways sports help develop personal growth for young athletes. 


Top 5 


  1. How to handle losing - Everybody hates to lose, even adults am I right? However, usually adults are able to comprehendTop-5-Spring-Sports- and react better when they lose (or should be!). Children will often throw temper tantrums when they first start losing in a sport because they’re simply not used to it. Often times they don’t understand what that feeling is. All they know is that they don’t like it and react to it with anger. Sports gives children a chance to grow as people by learning that winning isn’t everything. Losing teaches them to show empathy and being able to mentally cope with losing a game. 


  1. Team player - Young athletes playing any sport often don’t realize the importance of being a team player. They are just worried about themselves and make decisions that are only good for them. The more children play a sport the quicker they will realize the importance of working as a team and being a good team player. They will start encouraging one another, picking people up when they’re down and playing as a team. 


  1. Learning to get better - No one is amazing at a sport the first time they play it, it takes years of dedication and
    commitment to get better. Some young athletes don’t have that type of patience and will often quit right away. However, there is a priceless lesson to learn when we persevere and give time to improve at something. Children will see themselves doing things they weren’t able to do before and this will help them develop their drive to improve and develop self-confidence.


  1. Importance of the sport - As a young athlete winning and scoring goals are usually the two most important things. However, once you get older you start to realize the beauty of each and every sport, you learn that just playing the game and playing it properly is the most fun you will have. You will learn to respect the game which will teach you to respect yourselves and the ones around you. 


  1. Determination and perseverance - Sports are filled with extreme highs and also extreme lows. For any child to last in a sport they need to have determination to always get better, grow as a person and also to learn from their mistakes. They also need perseverance. They will learn how to pick themselves up when things aren’t going well and how to deal with uncontrollable circumstances like eventually getting injured and being able to come back stronger. These skills won’t just help children in the world of sports but also in life. 

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