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Building Confidence Through Sports

Top 5 ways to build confidence through sports

Sports Discovery Camp is a direct result of a survey conducted in 2018, which revealed that developing confidence in children was the number one priority for parents when selecting a summer sports camp. 

We understood that message and have developed a unique program designed to provide campers 6 to 14 years old with tons of fun, but also focus on the skills they need to grow as people: confidence, leadership, communication, teamwork, etc. 

Today we will focus on parent’s priority and list the top 5 ways to build confidence in children. Confidence is a really important trait for young athletes to gain because 70% of children drop out of sports at 13, and many of those children drop out because of confidence issues. 

Building Confidence Through Sports

Top 5 Ways To Build Confidence Through Sports

1. Patience - The best thing you can do when building confidence in a child is to teach them the importance of patience. Young athletes often become frustrated quickly if they are not as good as they think they should be at a sport. You need to make them understand that there are no failures. There is only room for improvement and if they keep trying they will eventually reach their goals.


2. Focus on their skills - Watch what the child's strengths are and be sure to focus on them. Make sure you explain to them what they just did was great because a child might not realize the little things they do help the team.


3. Encourage all sports - Participating in sports and physical activity teaches a child to improve their sense of independence. Physical activity helps children recognize their strengths and accept their weaknesses. They will learn the value of teamwork and one of the most challenging things to learn - how to take a loss. A physically active body automatically keeps the brain healthy and well organized. Sports can lead to making new friends and can help a child build self-confidence. 


4. Reduce doubt - There are times when the best athletes in the world suffer from self-doubt and it's very common. However, it becomes dangerous when an athlete lets doubt be a continuous thing. Doubtful thoughts can create a sense of anger, frustration, anxiousness and disappointment. This all ends up leading to young athletes quitting a sport because they have lost their enjoyment of it. 


5. Celebrate their performances - When a young athlete performs well in any competition it is one of the most powerful factors in their self-confidence. A great way to boost self-confidence is to help athletes remember their successes in practice and competition. In order to boost their self-confidence, you can highlight either a big accomplishment or a small one. 


Do you agree with today’s top 5 list? How do you encourage your child to develop self confidence? At Sports Discovery Camp, our games and drills are focused on developing confidence through sports. We incorporate our top 5 ways to build confidence and further important skills!


Sports Discovery Camp gives children a chance to find a sport that they are truly passionate about. If your child loves trying all kinds of different types of sports, go to our website and sign them up for our camp today! 

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