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Top 5 traditional Sports Offered at SDC

Sports discovery Camp provides children with multiple sports opportunities in a non-competitive environment. Imagine a summer camp where kids can play for the sake of playing, focused on having fun and at the end even learn important skills like leadership, communication skills, teamwork and much more. If this is something you would like your children to experience, register today and guarantee a summer blast!


We have talked about some of the newer and unique sports we offer at SDC like, spikeball, speedminton and kanjam. Now it’s time to talk about some of the traditional sports we offer at SDC as well.  


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Top 5


  1. Soccer - Of course we offer the worlds most popular sport at our camp. Soccer is the beautiful game that is played by 767,000 children from ages 3-17 each year. We can’t wait to see all of our campers having fun kicking the ball around this summer.


  1. Basketball - Played in elementary and high schools all over the world, we definitely are offering basketball at our summer camp. This exciting sport teaches accuracy, coordination, teamwork and most importantly fun! Even more fun now inspired by the NBA champs Toronto Raptors!


  1. Baseball - Baseball is a thrilling game that can be played with family and friends. It’s such an easy game to set up, you can play it on an actual baseball diamond or create your own playing area just about anywhere!


  1. Volleyball - One of the most popular recreational sports to play as it’s played nation wide in the public and high school systems. It will be amazing to see our campers having a great time with this beautiful game!


  1. Badminton - This exciting sport can be played individually or in teams of two. It’s a fantastic game that’s enjoyed recreational and at the competitive level. It’s played by over 4 million Canadians each year and is a worthy sport to be featured at our camp this summer. 


The best Day Summer Camp


Sports Discovery Camp aims to build people, not all-star athletes, through sports programming. Kids with compassion, Sports Discovery Campkindness and confidence is the measure of the Sports Discovery Camp experience. All children deserve to learn and play in a supportive environment, aiming beyond the skills of sport toward the results of sport – a camp week developing confidence, teamwork, leadership and having fun.


Our supportive environment prioritizes experience over results and winning.

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