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Top 5 reasons moms rock!


We are still on Mother’s Day mood, after all, only one day is not enough to show our gratitude and appreciation. If anyone deserves a thank you for dropping their children off at our multi-sports camps this summer, it’s moms! You might not realize it, but it takes a lot of commitment to drive your children to and from their practices and games. 

Your generosity doesn’t go unnoticed that’s why we have dedicated this week's top 5 to our fantastic mothers. Enjoy our top 5 reasons moms rock!


Top 5 Reasons Moms Rock!

moms rock1 - Always there - Let’s face it there are times children get on the nerves of their moms. However, it doesn’t matter how many times we anger our mom, she will always be there when we need her. All moms want to do is to make sure their children are happy and taken care of.


2 - Car rides - As a child, an issue you might face is the ability to get to different places. Not to worry you always your mom eager to take you to your destination. Whether that’s school, sports, camp or a friends house, mom will be there to do the job. 


3 - Supportive - Children come up with crazy ideas, and no matter how unique they are, moms will always show their full support. They want their children to believe anything is possible and that no matter what happens in their child’s life they will always be on their side. 


4 - Role model - A mother will do whatever they can to set a good example for their children. They will teach them important life Top 5 reasons moms rocklessons, soft skills and ultimately help to build their children’s personalities. 


5 - Unconditional love - There will be times in a mothers life where her child’s angered her to no end. However, there is nothing a child could do to ever break the love a mother has for them. A mother only has one main priority in their lives, and that’s their children. 


Thank You!😊

Our SDC team gets to see first hand the effort moms put in for their children. We get to see moms take their kids to our camp in the morning and pick them up after a hard day's work. Everyone at SDC wants to wish all of the amazing moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! We want you to know all of the work you do doesn't go unnoticed. Even if sometimes we don't show it...we always appreciate everything you do for us!


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