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Ice Football Game

Sports of the week: Ice Football

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We have a very unique sport to bring to your attention today. It’s a mixture of two very popular sports, hockey and soccer! But do these two sports really mix well together? See for yourself right here!

This weeks sport of the week is called ice football, which is a sport that is televised in Germany. If you are passionated about soccer and hockey you will love to learn more about this game!

Rules Of Ice Football


  • Ice football is very similar to soccer, where the objective is to kick the soccer ball into your opponents net while Ice Football Gamedefending your net. 
  • Like soccer you are not able to touch the ball with your arms or hands. 
  • However, unlike soccer you are not able to slide tackle your opponent and you aren’t allowed to use your head to touch the ball in any way. 
  • Offsides are very different in ice football compared to soccer and hockey. Offsides aren’t called based off of going offside but rather by how many players are inside the defensive blue line.
  • Games are typically 30–60 minutes depending on the league that’s playing. 
  • The games are played on a full sized hockey rink and each team plays with nine players on the ice at a time. 
  • The positions of the nine players are: six slammers/blockers, two backs, and the goal keeper. 
  • This game’s soccer ball is a unique ball which has a special shape, weight, and covering designed to provide interesting and lively competition on the ice.


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