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Sports Discovery Camp Snack Program



Sports Discovery Camp is introducing a new program for 2020! SDC wants to offer not only an awesome multi sports summer camp, but also add convenience to your summer camp experience.


At Sports Discovery Camp, campers are expected to bring lunch as well as 2 snacks, one for the morning and another for the afternoon snack and movement break. Now you can participate in our Pre-paid Snack Program where your child will be provided with a drink and snack for both breaks while having loads of fun!


How do you sign up? It is very easy. When you register your child in their favourite week you can add the Pre-paid Snack Program during registration.



Snack Examples

This is how it works: you pre-pay $20.00 per week ($16.00 for a 4 day camp) per child for the SDC Snack Program, and your child will select one drink and one snack from the inventory available at each camp during their breaks.


In the morning campers will choose from healthy options, and for their afternoon snack they will be rewarded with some treats alternatives. We made sure to offer only nut-free products to keep our campers safe.


We are always looking for opportunities for children and parents to have an awesome experience at our camps.


We know how busy life can be. At least choosing snacks for the week of camp can be taken off of your to-do list!


Register and give your child an unforgettable summer!


Check HERE to see our 2020 locations.


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