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Sport of the Week: volleyball

Hello sports lovers, this week’s Sports Discovery Camp sport of the week is Volleyball. Volleyball is one of the most popular recreational sports to play as it’s played nation wide in the public and high school systems. Let’s learn more about the rules of volleyball.


Basic Rules of Volleyball


  • 6 players start the game with 3 in the front row and 3 in the back row.kids-volley
  • Each team gets a maximum of 3 hits before returning the ball over the net.
  • Points are made on every serve awarded to the wining team of that rally.
  • Players may not hit the ball twice in a row.
  • The ball can be played off the net during a rally. 
  • A ball hitting a boundary line is considered in.
  • A ball is out if it hits an antennae which is the floor completely outside of the court.
  • It’s legal to contact the ball with any part of a player’s body.
  • It’s illegal to catch, hold or throw the ball.
  • A player cannot block or attack a serve from on or inside the 10-foot line.
  • After the serve, front-line players may switch positions at the net.




  • Children playing  Volleyball3-set matches are 2 sets to 25 points and a third set to 15. Each set must be won by 2 points. The winner is the first team to win 2 sets. 
  • 5-set matches are 4 sets to 25 points and fifth set to 15. The team must win by 2. The winner is the first team to win 3 sets.


Importance of SDC

At SDC we will teach our campers through sports the essential soft skills they will need in life. Our integrated program is designed to give our campers a comfortable environment to play many different sports. 

They will develop confidence, leadership skills and hopefully even a lifelong passion for a new sport! It can all start will a simple volleyball game. To be successful at volleyball players will need to learn quickly how crucial it is to be a team player. The players will learn to put the team first and the importance of not being selfish. They will also learn quickly the difference that team work can play when everyone works together. 


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Do you love Volleyball? Share with us some pictures of your children and their friends playing volleyball. Volleyball is one of the best recreational sports for a reason so be sure to get your children to gather some friends and try it out!

Help your children discover some of the most fun recreational sports this summer at Sports Discovery Camp. It’s our goal to give your children the chance to try a wide variety of sports where they may develop a new passion! 

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