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Sport of The Week: Soccer

This weeks Sports Discovery Camp sport of the week is Soccer. Soccer, which is also known as “football", is the worlds most popular sport. According to the Canadian Youth Sports Report, soccer is the new number one team sport in Canada. Can you believe it? 767,000 children from ages 3-17 play organized soccer and it grows every year. 

Let’s learn more about its rules and how to play. Soccer is one of the multiple sports children can play at Sports Discovery Camp this summer. 

Basic Rules


  • A soccer game is played by two teams, with each team having 11 players on the field at a time, 10 field players and one goalkeeper. However, the number of players can be adjusted depending on the size of playing area. 
  • A soccer game is played in two 45 minute halves. 
  • The game begins with a coin toss, the winning captain decides which goal to defend or to take the first kick off.
  • All players must use their feet, head or chest to play the ball. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to use their hands and can only do so within their designated penalty area.
  • The object of the game is to score a goal, which is achieved by kicking or heading the ball into the opposition team's goal.
  • If the ball touches or crosses the side line, it's a throw in by the team who didn't kick the ball out of play. 
  • The game is controlled by a central referee and two linesmen. They award free kicks and penalties when rules are broken. For continual breaking of rules or for a bad foul, players can be shown yellow or red cards. 

Play soccer at the best summer camp in Ontario. 

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Take pictures of your children and their friends playing soccer and share it with us on Facebook. We always love to see children having fun and getting active with their friends! 

Developing confidence is a crucial skill for children which will help them in their everyday lives. This will help them to succeed in managing their relationships with friends and family. Sports Discovery Camp’s motto is building confidence through sports. Soccer is a fantastic tool to develop communication skills and confidence in our campers! 

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