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Play Dodgeball at Sports Discovery Camp!

Sport Of The week: Dodgeball


Hello to all of our sports lovers out there. Are you eager to learn about some great sports activities for kids? For this week’s “Sport Of The Week” we are going to talk about a true classic: Dodgeball. 

Dodgeball Rules


  • The amount of players, number of balls, size of court and length of game can vary depending on the number of people who are playing. 
  • The goal is to eliminate all of the opposing players by hitting them with a ball from the neck down.
  • Create two even teams, determine the playing area and the half way line. 
  • Players can only throw the ball from their side of the court. 
  • The players must remain within the court at all times, unless they are collecting dead balls.
  • Players are allowed to leave the court to collect balls but they are not allowed to throw the ball until they are back within the court. 
  • If a player leaves the court for any other purpose or they throw a ball from outside the court, they are eliminated.
  • If a player throws the ball and it hits the opposing player in the head the throwing player is eliminated. 
  • Players that are struck with a ball that is then caught before it becomes dead are eliminated.
  • When a player catches a ball, the throwing player is eliminated and an already eliminated player from the players team who just caught the ball is back in the game.
  • Once a team has eliminated every player on the opposing team, that team wins the game. 

 Play Dodgeball at Sports Discovery Camp!

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At Sports Discovery Camp, we use sports as tools to develop important life skills that our campers need in their every day lives. Dodgeball gives campers the chance to have a great time with new friends and potentially be exposed to a new passion. 

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SDC will have sports activities where kids will develop leadership skills, communication and respect in sport. Our innovative program is what differentiates us because we want to give our campers the freedom to choose which sports they play each day. It’s our goal to make sure each camper feels comfortable playing any sport they want to. We build more than players, we build people!

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