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Sports of the Week: Cricket

Sport Of The Week - Cricket

Hello SDC family, summer is here and we are ready for an unforgettable summer camp, are you? There are over 15 different sports for us to play and have fun together. Can you imagine what a blast we will have? Playing Spikeball, KanJam, Soccer, Speedminton and more!!!

We have a very interesting sport to bring to your attention today. It’s similar to baseball however, there are also many differences between the two sports. If you’re not familiar with cricket check out this video! 

This week’s”Sport Of The Week” is cricket and this sport is an Australian national pastime. If you are passionate about baseball you might want to learn more about this sport too!


Rules Of Cricket 

  • Cricket is played between two teams with eleven players on each team.
  • The game is played with at least one inning where each team will take turns batting and fielding/bowling.Sports of the Week: Cricket
  • The fielding team will have their bowler bowl throw the ball to the batsman who attempts to hit the ball with their bat.
  • The fielding team tries to get the batsmen out by hitting the wickets with the ball when bowling. By catching a batsman’s shot before it hits the ground. By hitting the batsman’s leg in front of the wicket. Or by hitting the wickets before the batsmen can run to the other end of the pitch. 
  • The batsmen attempts to score as many runs as possible before getting out by hitting the ball and running between the wickets and making it to the other end before the fielders can hit the wickets with the ball. 
  • Each time a player runs one full length of the pitch it counts for 1 run.
  • If the ball is hit past the boundary with a ground ball it counts for 4 runs.
  • If the ball is hit over the boundary without touching the group it counts for 6 runs.
  • The fielding team must get 10 batsmen out before they can change over and start batting.
  • The objective of the game is to score as many runs as possible before the fielding team takes 10 wickets. 
  • Whichever team that has the most runs once the game has ended wins. 

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