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You can bike at Sports Discovery Camp

sport of the week: biking

Hello to all of our SDC parents, as far as best kids sports go, we have a great one to talk about today. Your children have probably had to try this sport a few times before they got the hang of it. But once you have learned to ride they never forget it. This week’s sport of the week is biking! 


You can bike at Sports Discovery Camp

People don’t often think about biking as a sport but it is! There are many different biking options for your children to choose from. There is road biking, BMX biking, cycle-cross biking, trail biking and many more. 

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Biking is an amazing sport that’s easy to do and a great way to stay active. You can bike through the mountains, go off road trailing, casual biking through the woods or even enter bike races. There are so many options for different ways to bike that there’s bound to be one that your children can become passionate about. At SDC we offer biking as one of our sports where your children will be able to figure out what kind of biking they are interested in. 

Tour de France  

One of the most popular cycling events in the world is the Tour de France. It’s a Grand Tour that consists of 21 day-long stages over the course of 23 days. Biking can be such a demanding sport but also really fun and rewarding. It takes determination to become a strong cyclist. However, when you have a love for the sport it just comes naturally. 

Best Kids Sports

Biking is one of the best kids sports for a reason, it’s convenient and really fun to do. It’s also a great sport that teachesBike is amazing!!! important soft skills. It teaches children about patience and determination. Biking can be a tricky sport to learn but once you learn it, it becomes a skill you will use for the rest of your life. 

Share this great sport will your children now, who knows maybe they will develop a passion for it and one day become the winner of the Tour de France!!

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