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Sport Of The Week: Road Hockey

Road hockey is a fun sport for your children and their friends to play this summer! As Canadians, the hockey season never ends! Just because winter has ended doesn't mean hockey can't still be enjoyed all year round!


Basic Rules of Road Hockey

Road hockey is played the same way as ice hockey, both teams are trying to shoot the ball into the other teams net using their sticks. Road hockey is played with an orange low-bounce ball, sticks, two nets and sometimes gloves. The goalies are dressed in full equipment including a helmet and chest protector. 

Road hockey can be played on any type of road, it could be a driveway or even in the streets. Each team plays with five players and a goalie while changing on the fly. The extra players are kept outside the playing area. You can also play with less players if you wish depending on how many people you have available to play.

Advanced Road Hockey Rules

Penalties are called when a player commits a foul. The offending player is then removed from playing until two minutes are up or until the other team scores a goal. 

Goals cannot be kicked in, struck in with a stick above the crossbar, thrown in using a hand, or scored by intentionally using a part of your body that is not your stick. 

Games vary in length, but are generally played with either two or three periods of equal time. For example 10 or 15 minute periods, with the time always running. Games can also be played until a set score, for example first team to 10 goals wins. 


The weather is warming up, let’s make the most of it and have a great time playing Road Hockey! Do you have a picture of your children and their friends playing road hockey? Share it with us on Facebook, tag our Sports Discovery Camp page and you will receive an exclusive discount code! We want to see them having fun, making memories, being healthy and active! 

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