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Registration is now open

Hey Parents! It’s the day you’ve been waiting for, registration day! Don’t wait until it’s too late and enrol your child in a Sports Discovery Camp available near you today!

We offer 14 convenient locations across Ontario that focus on helping children develop our four core concepts: fun, confidence, teamwork and leadership. Our inclusive, non-competitive environment will allow your child to concentrate on building soft skills through sport.

Campers will get to experience up to 20 different sports where they will use quality athletic equipment to show off their skills! While they may think their time at camp is just all fun and games, our precisely designed program will also be shaping your athlete’s critical life skills, character and values. 

This summer we are adding table tennis, ping pong, laser tag and agility ball to the many other sports that campers can participate in. Each camp is fitted with the newest advancements in sports technology. This will give your child the chance to strengthen their skill level alongside experienced athletes. 

Visit the registration tab at www.sportsdiscoverycamp.ca to secure the chance for your child to participate in a week packed of fun and self-discovery today!