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POWER OF SPORTS - Time Management

As we know from previous weeks, there are many reasons as to why sports are powerful. But it doesn’t stop there. This week we are talking about how sports build character, confidence and values.

Whether it is in a solo or team setting, sport shapes the player’s character and value’s. For some kids, they are involved with sports before school. Their earliest social experiences might be kicking a ball before taking turns on playground slides. Cognitive, social and emotional skills are molded in the primary years of children. This is important because the earlier they are introduced to social settings, the more advanced their social skills will be.hospitalcareers.com_

Sports have this effect because regardless of the game, it requires perseverance, hard work, sacrifice and commitment to succeed. Resilience is also another key character concept that sport builds. Sometimes despite giving it you’re all, first place is not always attainable. This is an important lesson that can be learned in sport but transfers into real life. In addition, sport requires great respect for authority and others. Valuing your coaches and teammates also transfers into real life and teaches discipline and consideration for others. 

Those who play sports competitively understand the struggle of balancing school, sports and maybe even work. It requires a focused mindset and dedication, which doesn’t always come naturally to some. It teaches self-sufficiency, time management and structure.