Top 5 Ways to Develop personal growth through sports

Hello SDC families. It is June already and if you are still looking for summer camp just register at Sports Discovery Camp and cross that from your to-do list! 

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Backyard Games Approved by SDC: Horse!

Hello sports lovers, are you looking for a sports summer camp in Windsor? Well you’ve came to the right place because we have a camp in Windsor along with four other locations! 

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You can bike at Sports Discovery Camp

sport of the week: biking

Hello to all of our SDC parents, as far as best kids sports go, we have a great one to talk about today. Your children have probably had to try this sport a few times before they got the hang of […]

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Overcoming Sports Anxiety

Top 5 Ways to help children With sports anxiety

Hello SDC family! Summer is almost here, and we can’t wait for Sports Discovery Camp to start! Today we are going to discuss an important issue. We are going to talk about the top 5 ways you can […]

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The Man Behind the Marathons Final Ebook Cover 920 x 1388[4]

Sports discovery camp has a gift for you!

There is no disputing Terry Fox is a Canadian hero. His self sacrifice and dedication to his cause are among the most compelling stories in Canadian history. The Marathon of Hope was aptly named […]

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Bocce Ball - Backyard Game Approved by SDC

Backyard Games - Bocce Ball

Hello SDC family! Here is one more idea for you and your family to have a great time playing some fun kids game. Today's game is Bocce Ball and it’s a fantastic game to play with friends and […]

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Play Dodgeball at Sports Discovery Camp!

Sport Of The week: Dodgeball


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Top 5 ways to develop respect

Top 5 ways to develop respect through sports


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bean bag toss SDC

Bean Bag Toss!

Hello to all of our amazing SDC families. Are you looking for great summer camps in Oxford? Well look no further. SDC is the camp for you! Sign your child up for our camp today while you can still […]

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Lacrosse Summer Camp - SDC

Sport of the week: Lacrosse

Hello SDC families, It’s time we talk about Canada’s national sport. No, not hockey….the other one, Lacrosse! Canada has two national sports, hockey, which is our national winter sport and […]

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