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Oxford County Summer Camps!

Hello SDC families, are you wondering what the top 5 SDC Oxford County summer camps are? Let’s talk about the dates of the camps, locations and much more! 

Top 5


1. Woodstock - Sports Discovery Camp in Woodstock is excited to call Huron Baptist Church our home for 4 weeks this summer! Our weeks will be filled with fun, friends and memories. The address is at Huron Park Baptist Church: 199 Berwick St, in Woodstock.

The camps will run the weeks of July 2nd – July 5th (4-day camp),  July 8th – July 12th, August 6th – August 9th (4-day camp) and August 12th – August 16th. 



2. Tillsonburg - Sports Discovery Camp Tillsonburg is launching its first-ever Sports Camp in your town. Join us for a fun-filled week of sports, confidence building, team building and leadership development! This address is at Tillsonburg Seniors Centre: 45 Hardy Avenue in Tillsonburg. 


The camp will run the week of August 19th – August 23rd. 


3. Thamesford - Sports Discovery Camp is excited to be offering a Thamesford location for the summer of 2019! You will have an incredible time having fun and building confidence through sports! The address is at Thamesford District Recreation Centre: 85 Middleton St inThamesford. The camp will run the week of July 22nd – July 26th. 



4. Embro - Sports Discovery Camp is coming to Embro! We are partnering with the Embro Zorra Community Centre to bring you a fun filled week of teamwork, leadership and fun! The address is at Embro Zorra Community Centre: 355644 35th Line in Embro. The camp will run the week of July 29th – August 2nd. 


5. Tavistock - Sports Discovery Camp is coming to Tavistock! We are partnering with the Tavistock and District Recreation Centre to bring you a fun filled week of teamwork, building confidence, leadership and fun! The address is at Tavistock and District Recreation Centre: 1 Adam St inTavistock. The camp will run the week of July 15th – July 19th. 


Learn More about Our Unique Program!


Is there any location you wish was here? Share it with us. We have big expansion plans for next year! Here at Sports Discovery Camp we are passionate about making sure children have the opportunity to play a wide variety of sports in a fun environment.


We believe participating in sports should:

– be fun and enjoyable for all athletes;

– teach values such as confidence, teamwork; leadership; respect for sport, themselves and others

– provide opportunities for young athletes to start developing and improving upon their self-confidence and leadership skills.

We believe that all youth, regardless of talent and skill, have the right to play sports in an atmosphere that encourages inspires athletes regardless of their age, size or talent.


Sports Discovery Camp gives children a chance to find a sport that they are truly passionate about. If your child loves trying all kinds of different types of sports in a non-competitive environment, go to our website and sign them up for our camp today! 

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