Soccer Baseball, or Kickball, is commonly played by many primary school aged students in North America. The sport was created to give more kids the opportunity to play Baseball. Because baseball requires a lot of additional equipment, not everyone was able to play. Altering the resources needed to play made the sport more accessible.

Nicholas C. Seuss invented the game in 1917 at the Cincinnati Park Playground in Ohio. Initially he designed the sport around 12 rules on a baseball diamond field. In the earlier years, soccer balls were typically the ball of choice. Occasionally people used volleyballs but found they weren't as effective. Today the official equipment is a soccer ball.kickball

“Pitchers” did not become an official position until the mid 1900’s. Previously, the team that was “up for bat” would one-by-one take their position at home base and kick the ball from there. Pitchers increased the momentum of the ball and intensified the game. It forced the out field players to run farther, giving those up to bat more time to make it to 2nd base.

Around the 1930’s, community leagues among adults started to form and grow in the United States. One of the first Soccer Baseball organizations was the World Adult Kickball Association. It wasn't long before thousands of adults started participating . Soldiers in the military soon after adopted the game and used it as a leisure activity to aid in increasing their mental stability. 

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