Basketball Summer Camp


Basketball, a classic sport favoured by many, but have you ever wondered how the sport came to be? We did, and we found some really cool facts about the evolution of Basketball!

The game was first invented in 1891 by a 30-year-old Canadian doctor, James Naismith. Originally, a peach basket or box was used as the net and was attached to an elevated structure, typically balconies… so a ladder was imperative at all games in order to retrieve the ball. A soccer ball was initially the ball of choice but was found ineffective for dribbling or bouncing. In 1894 the first basketball was engineered but underwent many revisions before it became the basketball that we know today. The design of the net was also later revised by adding a rim in 1893 and netting in 1912. 


The game was traditionally governed by 13 rules and structured around three concepts: pass, score and defend. The simplicity of the game eventually started to lose the interest of players so more complex rules were introduced. Today there are over 100 strict rules and regulations in professional and amateur basketball leagues.

During the early years of the sport, the number of players on a team was not defined. Some games were played with up to 50 people on each team! In 1897 it was decided that teams of exactly 5 players worked best. The role of a coach wasn’t utilized until 1949. It was then that they were allowed to attend games and converse with the team during timeouts.

Isn’t it interesting how what was once a basic idea that consisted of only a soccer ball and peach basket ended up developing into a sport now played worldwide? During your child’s time at Sports Discovery Camp they will get to create their own sport. Maybe their imagination will lead to a global phenomenon too!