Soccer Evolution


Soccer, or Football as most of the world refers to it, is a widely popular international sport that boasts participation numbers up to 240 million worldwide. This is one of the main reasons why Sports Discovery Camp continues to offer campers the opportunity to play it! The sport is the driver behind the World Cup FIFA games that occur every four years and creates a huge celebration across the globe. But how has it become the sensation that it has today? This week we are going to explore the history of Soccer to find out!Fifa_world_cup_org

There is evidence preceding the 14th century that suggests China, Greece, Rome and parts of Central America may have all contributed to the creation of the sport. However, England was the first nation to set the early rules of the game that we follow today. 

During the 14th and 15th century the game had become violent one and many rulers had attempted to ban the sport. Unfortunately this made it worse as the game was practiced in secret and the disorder only grew. The chaos eventually settled down sometime during the 16th or 17th century and popularity grew among all ages as the sport became more peaceful.

The first soccer ball was made of animal skins that held a sphere shape but the exact time when it was introduced is undecided. The design was said to be inspired by the sun and was thought to also symbolize it. 

Soccer wasn’t a form of public entertainment until 1871. Previously it was used by military personnel for exercising and was just a leisure activity for the common people. Originally anyone was encouraged to play it, as many believed it didn’t take talent to kick a ball. How interesting is this considering it has been an official sport of the Olympics since 1908!

The game has evolved dramatically from the beginning of the sport, and thank goodness for that! Isn’t it crazy to think that an activity that dates back thousands of years ago is now the most popular sport today?