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Developing Teamwork through sports

It doesn’t matter what youth sports your child plays, one of the most important things they will need to learn is how to be a team player. Here at Sports Discovery Camp we strive to teach the required skills children need to have to be a great team player and person. Today we are going to look at the top 5 ways to develop teamwork through sports. 

Top 5


  1. Communication - In order to be a part of any team players will need to learn how to communicate. NotIMG_20190430_134949 only that, but how to communicate in a positive way. It’s vital that children learn how to do this because communicating in a negative way can lead to frustration and a loss of motivation. While playing youth sports children will understand how to communicate with one another in a positive way so no one gets frustrated or discouraged. 


  1. Leadership - Sports can do interesting things to people. It can bring out qualities they might not have even know they had. For some people that’s leadership and playing for your teammates. Sports give individuals the opportunity to become a leader in their own and find where they fit into a team. Every player on a team has a different role and when children are able to learn that it helps their team to be more cohesive. 


  1. Friendship - Most of the time the players on your team are also your friends. There’s a reason for that. It’s because sports tie people together. It gives individuals a chance to learn how to deal with their teammates both on and off the field. They will get to know someone on a completely different level
    which often leads to great friendships. 


  1. Conflicts - While there are highs in sports there are also lows and when this happens it’s usually some type of conflict. It’s not the end of the world to have a conflict in sports. Especially because it gives teammates a chance to resolve it in a positive manner. This can be a great experience to help children mature as teammates and individuals.


  1. Accountability - When you are a part of a team you now have everyone on that team relying on you. If you constantly miss games, practices and meetings you will lose that trust between you and your teammates. Sports teach children that they need to put the team first and also helps them realize their decisions will have consequences. 


Sports Discovery CampersCan you imagine the impact these lessons can have in your child’s life? Not only in their childhood, but for their entire life. They will be a better citizen in their classroom, family, neighbourhood and future workplace! At Sports Discovery Camp, more than players, we build people! 

Our main focus is our campers, not their sport’s performance, but who they are and all the potential they can develop! It is our commitment to helping teach our campers the importance of being a good team player and overall good person. 

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Help give your child the chance to learn the importance of teamwork so they can be successful in whatever youth sports they enjoy playing. 

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