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Benefits of Multi-Sport Summer Camps

Sports Discovery Camp is all about giving children a wide variety of different sports to play in a non-competitive environment. We want our campers to focus on the beauty of each game rather than just focusing on winning. This will also help them develop the important soft skills they will need for the rest of their lives. For todays top 5 we will discuss the benefits of putting your children in a multi-sport summer camp.


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Top 5 Benefits Of Multi-Sport Summer Camps


  1. Risk of injury - Children who only focus on one sport have a much higher risk of getting injured. Each sport has its own specific repetitive motions. Over time, those motions cause stress that can build up and cause overuse injuries. Giving children the opportunity to play multiple sports will limit the stress to certain parts of the body. Also, children will work with different muscle groups and engage their full body into motion!


  1. Emotionally burnt out - Children who spend all of their time on one sport risk getting tired of it. It can also lead to a lot of pressure on a young athlete. Playing different sports throughout the year keeps things interesting and gets children excited for the start of the new sports season. They may discover a new passion!


  1. Different roles - Being the starting quarterback in football is much different than being the backup goalie in Kids-Playing-Multiple-Sports-620x540hockey. However, every player on a team is important and having different roles on the teams you play on is a great learning experience. It teaches you how to become a better competitor and all-around athlete. You may excel in one role and be not so good in another one. There is so much value on learning how to deal with both scenarios, right?


  1. Better teammates - Playing on multiple teams give you practice interacting with a variety of teammates and coaches within different contexts. This is priceless training for athletes in sports and in life. It also teaches you how to deal with many different personalities. Not every teammate will be perfect so you will have to adapt yourself to be able to work with certain individuals. 


  1. The overall benefits - Playing a variety of sports helps children develop important soft skills they might not learn by only playing one sport. The most important thing it does for a child is giving that child options. “Don’t knock it until you try it” is the perfect statement that sums up why children should play multiple sports. Without playing a variety of sports children might never realize how truly passionate they are about a specific sport. 


Do you agree with our top 5 list? There are so many more benefits. What do you think is the biggest one? Share with us!

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