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Bean Bag Toss!

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We have a few beautiful weekends ahead of us so we thought we would talk about another great backyard game, bean bag toss. This game is such a fun way to bond as family. You can go out and buy a bean bag toss set for yourself or you can make your own. If you want to make your own you can use cardboard boxes with a hole cut in each of them as the boards. You can use ziplock bags as the bean bags by filling them with sand. 

Without further ado, let's learn how to play!

Bean Bag Toss

The game can be played 1v1 or 2v2. Each team has four bags to throw. When it’s played 2v2 one member from eachApproved seal team stands at both ends of the boxes. Each player has to throw from behind the front of the box. This is the foul line. If a player passes the foul line the throw does not count and the bag is removed. Each team alternates shots beginning with the team that scored the last point. 


Points are scored when a player has landed a bag on the board or in the hole. Only one team can score points per round because the points cancel each other out. 


  • A bag landing on the board = 1 point. 
  • A bag landing in the hole = 3 points. 
  • The maximum amount of points scored in a single round is 12 points with is 4 bags from the same team in the hole.
  • An example of cancellation of points is if one team has 1 bag in the hole and 3 bags on the board and the other bean bag toss SDCteam has 2 bags in the hole with none of the board. Each team scored 6 points so they cancel each other out. 
  • If this were to happen in a game it’s called a wash and the first team to throw in the last round would throw again next round. 
  • The game is over when one team scores 21 points, but the winning team has to win by 2 points. 
  • A bag that hits another players bag or any other bag is legal and still in play. 
  • If a player throws a bag and it hits the other teams bag in the hole, the bag in the hole counts as such. 
  • If a player knocks another players bag off of the board, that bag stays off of the board. 
  • A bag that hits the ground for any reason is considered dead. Therefore, if a bag bounces and lands on the board it is dead. It doesn’t count and is removed from the board. 

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Take pictures of your homemade bean bag toss game and tag us on Facebook! We would love to see the creative ways you were able build your own bean bag toss set!  

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