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Backyard Games - Outdoor Bowling

Hello SDC families, summer is almost here and we hope you have ideas on how to get your child active! We are here to help. 

Today's backyard game is fun to play as well as fun to create. The backyard game is outdoor bowling and your children can create their very own bowling alley. 


Outdoor Bowling 


Your children will first need to create their bowling alley on a flat area outside. They will then have to find 5 or 10 2L pop bottles to use as pins depending if they want to play 5 or 10 pin bowling. Once they have their pop bottles they can set them up anyway they choose. Once they're finished they have to put either sand, water or rocks into each pop bottle and fill it a quarter of the way full. 

They can now set up their pop bottles in the proper bowling format in their bowling alley. Choose a type of ball to use as their bowling ball. It could be a soccer ball, basketball, volleyball etc. 

Now it is time to have fun. How about a family challenge? Parents versus children? Does your pet want to participate too? ;)


Take Pictures Of Your Child Running Around


Take pictures of your children and their friends playing outdoor bowling and tag us on Facebook! We love seeing children getting creative and having fun with friends! 

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Our Backyard game series is dedicated to helping parents find fun backyard games for their children to play. It’s our goal for these games to be shared with children in an attempt to get them outside and get them active! 


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