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Backyard Games Approved by SDC: Horse!

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Today’s backyard kids game is a classic basketball game and is one many people have probably played growing up. It’s the perfect game to gather some friends on a hot summer day and play for hours on end. Today’s backyard game is HORSE. 


HORSE can be played with as many people as you want and all you need is a basketball and a net. The objective of the game is to make a basket that your opponents can’t make. If the first person makes a shot and their opponent doesn’t, the opponent gets an “H”. If the first person misses their shot, they lose their turn and the second person gets to attempt to make a basket. If the second person makes their basket their opponents now have to try to duplicate that same shot. If an opponent makes the shot they’re safe until the next round however, if they miss the shot they get an “H” or whatever letter they are on. Once a player misses five attempts (H-O-R-S-E) they are out of the game. 



1. The person who will shoot first is determined by a coin toss. 

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2. Shots can be attempted from anywhere on the playing area. 

3. Dunks or running layups are not allowed. Only standing shots will count. 

4. You can call your shot. For example, you can call backboard, the ball has to go off the backboard before it goes in. You can call swish, where the ball has to go in without touching the rim. Or you can call one handed, where you sink a basket while only using one hand.

5. Trick shots that involve spinning and ball movement prior to the shot are not allowed. 

6. No shot may be attempted twice in a row from the same spot to give your opponents two consecutive letters. 

7. All games are self-officiated by using the honour system. This will help develop communication skills and respect in the sport. 


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Our Backyard Games series is dedicated to helping parents find fun backyard games for their children to play. These games are also created so parents can join their kids playing the games. It is a great opportunity to bond and create great memories together! It’s our goal for these games to be shared with children in an attempt to get them outside and be active.

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