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Backyard Games Approved by SDC - Hide-and-Seek

Today’s backyard game is an absolute classic. It is also one of the best kids games around. Play with your kids and remember your childhood too. This classic has been around for generations!

Each week we will publish a new backyard game for your children and their friends to play. If there’s any game you and your family enjoy playing, share it with us so we can share it with other parents! Every great idea to get our kids active and having fun is welcomed!


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This backyard game is called hide-and-seek and the first thing you need to do is create a playing area. Once you’ve created the boundaries everyone who’s playing needs to decide who’s going to be “it” first. The player who is “it” starts counting down from 60 and once they are at zero they begin looking for the other players. 

Every other player who’s not “it” hides somewhere in the playing area and at least one part of their body must be showing at all times. The player who’s “it” searches for the other players and once they find one they tag them and that player is now also “it”. The game is played until everyone is found and the last player to get tagged is now “it” for the next round. 

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Did you enjoy playing hide-and-seek? Show us how much fun you are having and share some great pictures with us! We love to see children playing the games we are suggesting and having fun with their friends!

Our backyard games series is dedicated to helping parents get their children outside and to get them active. There are endless backyard games to talk about and we want to bring as many of them as we can to our readers attention!

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