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Backyard Games Approved by SDC: Bump

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Summer is fast approaching and that means your children will be home soon and you will hear the familiar “mom/dad I’m bored”. But you don’t have to worry. We are here to provide you with fun backyard games to keep your children busy all summer long!  



For the game of bump all you need are two basketballs, a basketball net and a marked free throw line.Backyard Game Bump

The object of the game is to “bump” the other players out of the game by making a shot before the person behind you in line does. Any number of players are able to play this game. 



  • All players line up at the free throw line with the first two players having a basketball in their hands. 
  • The first player shoots and tries to make their basket from the free throw line.
  • After the first player shoots their basketball, the second player then shoots.
  • If the first player misses their shot they must follow their rebound and try to make a basket from anywhere in the playing area.
  • The game at this point is between player one and two.
  • If player two makes a shot before the first player, then player one is “bumped” from the game.
  • If player one makes their shot, the ball should be rebounded and immediately passed to the third player in line. The contest is now between players two and three.
  • Players can also use their basketball to “bump” the other players basketball away from the playing area. You may not bump the ball out of someones hands or during a shot, you can only bump the ball on a missed shot. 



This is a classic basketball game that never gets old and will keep your children and their friends busy for hours! Our BackyardBasketball at Sports Discovery Camp Games series is dedicated to helping parents find fun backyard games for their children to play and to keep them busy and having fun during the summer! 

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