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Backyard Games Approved By SDC

Summer is on its way and now is a great time to sign your children up at one of the best sports camps in Canada! With summer comes swimming in pools! This backyard game is a great one for those children who like to swim! This week’s featured backyard game is water polo. All your children have to is to gather some friends and find a ball. Now let’s join them outside in a pool!

This series is dedicated to helping parents find fun backyard games for their children to play. It’s our goal for these games to be shared with children in an attempt to get them outside and be active.

We hope that you enjoy reading these backyard games as much as your children enjoy playing them. Every week we will publish a new backyard game for your children to play. If you have any ideas of your own about a backyard game you would like featured on this series, please feel free to contact us!

Water Polo

-The playing area is any type or size of swimming pool. It can be an in ground or above ground pool.

-Teams can consist of as many people as you wish, usually around 3 to 5 including a goalie.

-Use mini stick nets as your goal if you have a deck. If you don’t have a deck around your pool you can use floating nets.

-Players are only permitted to use one hand to hold the ball. The goalie can use two hands when they are within 5 meters of their own goal.

-The game can be played using periods or until a team reaches a certain number of points.

-Players advance the ball only by swimming with the ball in front of them or by passing it to their teammates.

-Teams must shoot at their opponent’s goal within 30 seconds or must give the ball to the other team.

-If at the end of the game the score remains tied, a sudden death shootout occurs to decide the winner.

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