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Sport Of The Week: Cross Country

Cross country is one of the featured sports at our 2019 summer camp! Some people may think cross country is a simple sport but there's actually a lot more to it. Campers will learn about how to properly stretch, what to wear, ways to pace theirselves and much more! This is a great sport that teaches endurance, mental strength, dedication and most importantly: fun!

Cross Country

Materials - Be sure to dress appropriately. Wear running clothing, not heavy clothing as it makes it harder on yourself. Be sure to have running shoes that fit your feet and are broken in before going for a run. You can also bring a stopwatch with you to time yourself. Using a stopwatch is a great way to learn from each run and figure out where you need to improve!

Training - Running can be a very difficult sport and you can seriously injure yourself if you run without training. Find a coach or even use the internet to learn how to properly prepare for a race. Training for a 100 meter sprit is much different then training for a 5 kilometer race. Each of those races will have a different preparation period that you will need to follow.

Stretching - You must learn how to stretch and warm up your body before going for a run. Stretching is a serious part of running and if it's ignored can lead to injury and a lower performance time. There are many different types of stretching like, dynamic stretching, static stretching and ballistic stretching. The types of stretching you will be doing will depend on the race you are running.

You find Cross Country at Sports Discovery Camp!

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At Sports Discovery Camp, campers will have the opportunity to learn and play over 15 sports, between traditional and new ones. Guess what: they will even create their own sport! This summer will be a blast! Children will have fun and maybe find a new passion! Check our full list of sports HERE.

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