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Top 5 Water Sports For Children

Hello everyone, we hope you are looking into signing your children up for the best sports summer camp in Ontario! Today we will be discussing the top 5 most popular water sports for children. With summer on its way we want to give parents some ideas of sports for their children to play on a hot day. Here they are!

Top 5

Waterskiing - This is a challenging sport but there's not many better feelings than when you finally get up on the skis. Once you get up once it's like riding a bike, you will never forget. After you get your balance down on two skis, take it to the next level and try using just one ski!

Swimming – Swimming is a very important sport to learn. It's not only fun to do but it is also something everyone should learn how to do. In the summer time there's nothing better then swimming on a hot days and having fun with friends.

Wakeboarding - Wakeboarding is the water version of snowboarding. It is easier to get up on a wakeboard than skis but it's just as much fun. You start with the board directly in front of you with your feet at equal heights. As the boat pulls you forward, you will naturally swivel to let your leading leg go forward. Wakeboarding is the ultimate sport for those who love doing tricks!

Kneeboarding - This sport is a lot easier to get up than waterskiing and wakeboarding. It involves resting on your knees on the board, with a strap over your thighs to keep you secure. Kneeboarding is also a great sports for doing tricks like doing a 360-degree turn.

Canoeing and kayaking - If you’ve got a lake or river nearby, it's so much fun to hop in a canoe or kayak and paddle around with friends. The best part about kayaking and canoeing is the quiet it brings as you travel up and down rivers.

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We hope you have enjoyed our list of the top 5 most popular water sports for children! Here at Sports Discovery Camp, it’s our mission to ensure all of our campers have the opportunity to play a wide variety of sports in a fun environment. Why only focus on one sport when there are so many out there to try!

Sports Discovery Camp gives children a chance to find a sport that they are truly passionate about. If your child loves trying all kinds of different types of sports, go to our website and sign them up for our camp today! 

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