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High Five Registered Organization

Sports Discovery Camp is very proud to announce that we are officially a High Five Ontario registered Organization!

As a summer camp committed to focusing on our campers personal growth, it is very important that we have reliable and trustworthy organizations as partners. As a sports camp in Ontario we know that High Five has so much to contribute to our program. 

Sports Discovery Camp is a High Five Ontario registered Organization
Sports Discovery Camp is a High Five Ontario registered Organization

High Five Ontario is a nationally recognized certification that means we are following the highest quality standards when comes to sports and recreation. 

The organization is based on 5 principles of healthy child development and that is what they use to implement their training: 

A Caring Adult: The existence of a caring adult who provides supportive relationships is the one key attribute that stood out in defining quality programs for children. The establishment of caring, positive, and supportive relationships with adults can help children 6 to 12 develop positive social skills, self-esteem, and self confidence. A program’s quality is dependent upon effective interactions between staff and youth within the environment that staff creates.

Friends: Positive peer interaction is a key component of effective programs. Friends expand the child’s world beyond one’s family; share in humour; test loyalty; form their first audience; and offer support and criticism. Positive environments foster inclusion, acceptance, the opportunity for fun in constructive play, and the opportunity to develop and practice pro-social skills.

Participation: Children need to make choices, have a voice, and do things by and for themselves, which supports positive self-expression, physical activity, and interaction with others.

Play: Stressing fun, creativity, and co-operation, play lets children shape their environment using their imaginations. In addition, play is integral to the acquisition and development of motor and social skills, cognitive function, and creativity.

Mastery: Providing children with activities and tasks that enable them to feel special, important, and successful. This type of rich content-based learning, led by teachers and coaches who encourage mastery (both through structured and unstructured strategies) helps to promote learning. 

We are very happy to be associated with an organization who shares the same values as ours. With this expertise, our unique programming and our incredible campers there is no doubt we are ready to revolutionize sports camps in Ontario.

More than Players, we build people. 

Play for the sake of play. Have fun. Make friends. Build memories for life. Develop sport skills, but most of all, grow as a person. Improve the skills you will need for life, wherever you go. 

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