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Sport of the Week: PickleBall

You can learn and play Pickleball at the best sports camp in Ontario! Have you ever heard about Pickleball? No, it is not running while eating pickles or Kicking pickles to score a goal. This is a great sport to train your balance, strength, communication skills and most important: have fun.

The game is designed for you to have fun with family and friends, so the rules are simple. Here is what the Pickleball Canada organization says:

The Two Bounce Rule

The ball must bounce twice, once on each side of the court, before players can hit the ball in the air or on the “volley”.

The Non-Volley Zone Faults 

The Non-Volley Zone is a rectangle that is 7' X 20 feet on both sides of the net. The rule was introduced to avoid smashes and provide longer rallies.


The game is usually to a score of 11, but the team has to win by 2 (similar to other sports). 

 Pickleball rules evolved from different sports: tennis, badminton, ping pong volley ball. You pick your favourite sports, mix its rules and best parts and Kazam: you have Pickleball. 

The These are just a few rules of this cool game. But this summer you will have the opportunity to not only learn about it but play it at the best sports camp in Ontario. 

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You know we are not a regular sports camp. Sports are our tools to develop the skills our campers will need to excel in every aspect of their lives. With Pickleball they will have a great time and maybe find a new passion, but they will also grow as people. There will be drills to develop confidence, leadership skills, communication and respect. 

It is our innovative program that makes Sports Discovery Camp the best sports camp in Ontario. More than players, we build people!

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