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Backyard Games Approved by SDC

Hello everyone we have such a fun game to discuss with you today, holy boards! This is a great game to play in your backyard on a nice relaxing Sunday. All you need is four people, two boards and six plastic or metal washers. For all you parents who want to find a fun game that both you and your children will enjoy, this is it!

This series is dedicated to helping parents find fun games for their children to play. We want to get your children off the couch and get them outside so they can be active.

We hope that you have enjoyed all of the backyard games we have been suggesting in this series so far. If there are any games you want us to discuss that we haven't yet, please feel free to reach out to us!

Holy Boards:

To set up holy boards have the two washer boards facing one another about ten inches apart. The hole closest to the thrower is worth 1 point, the middle hole is worth 3 points and the hole furthest from the thrower is worth 5 points.

To decide who's throwing first to start the game each player will toss one washer toward the opposite board and whomever gets closest to the highest point hole will be the ones to throw first. Once the game has started the team who scored last throws first the next round.

A player will throw all 3 of their washers toward the opposite board followed by their opponent.

How To Win!

First team to get exactly 21 points is the winner. If a team is at 19 points and they hit a five point shot, they will go to a score of 18. This is because they add the points they got to their score until they are at 21 and then minus the remaining numbers to get their score.

If a team was at 20 points and hit a 3 point shot, they would go up 1 point to the score of 21 and then down 2 points to the score of 19. An example of a winning shot would be hitting a 3 point shot when you were at 18 points.

Take pictures of yourself playing holy boards with your children and their friends! Then tag us in the pictures on Facebook! We always love to see parents enjoying these fun games with their children.

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