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Top 5 Summer Camp Locations

When you are looking for a summer camp, one of the first things you research is the best location. It has to be convenient, accommodates your routine and offer an excellent space for children.

When we started putting the Sports Discovery Camp in motion, that was our first concern as well. We had to find the best locations to start this fantastic camp, and we did. We found the top 5 locations to provide you with a perfect summer camp. Check it out:


Lovely Cambridge is part of our history and could not be left behind. Sports Discovery Camp will be at the Cambridge Sports Park. We are looking forward to meeting the community there to have some fun and learn skills campers will carry for life. 


How could we not offer Sports Discovery Camp in Hamilton? The community is always welcoming, and we are counting down the days for summer to start. Sports Discovery Camp will be at ÉÉC Notre-Dame Hamilton. Multiple sports to create great moments together!


Thinking about launching a new summer camp in South Western Ontario calls for offering it in London. We love the city and the community, and we are so excited to build great memories together this summer. Sports Discovery Camp will be at the École Secondaire Mgr-Bruyère. Don’t miss it!

Oxford County:

Oxford County is our home. We are so happy to bring Sports Discovery Camp to Embro, Tavistock, Thamesford, Tillsonburg and Woodstock! Children from all over the county will be able to practice traditional and new sports. And more, they will develop confidence, leadership, communication skills, and much more! You can’t miss it! 


There is a Sports Discovery Camp for Windsor too. Children are more than welcome to join us for an extraordinary time. We will be at the Windsor Polish Club, ready to play all day. No pressure, just fun and lessons for life. 

Less than four months before the start of summer camp. Are you ready to have a remarkable time at Sports Discovery Camp? Choose one of our top 5 summer camp locations and join us. Play for the sake of play, learn about new sports, practice, find a new passion. In the meantime, build great skills you will carry for your entire life. More than players, we build people!

Hurry, register today and make sure we will be together in July and August

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