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SDC - Fun Games Contest

Are you ready for our Fun Games Contest? Gather your family and friends to have fun and take your chance to WIN A FREE WEEK at Sports Discovery Camp!

As you know we have created a backyard games series dedicated to inspiring parents to get their children outside and to get them active. We have already discussed plenty of backyard games for you to share with your children. Now it’s your turn to share!

Fun Games Contest!

Follow these steps:

  1. Like, tag 3 friends you think would enjoy Sports Discovery Camp this summer and share our Facebook post to be eligible to win a free week of camp! 
  2. We want you to get creative and let us know what backyard game your children enjoy playing that we haven’t mentioned yet. It can be any type of backyard game but we want it to catch our eye. That means it can even be a game your children have created!
  3. When you share the game with us be sure to explain the rules and tell us about how much your children enjoy the game. Feel free to share any pictures about the game with us. We love to see the creativity used by children when playing backyard games.

Share the backyard game in this post’s comments . We will conduct a random draw and the winner will be announced on March 20th. Start thinking of a unique backyard game that your children play!

The games you share will also be featured on our Backyard Games series! We will discuss the game and also give a shoutout to the author if they would like us to.

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