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Sport Of The Week: Handball

Handball is a great outdoor sport for your children and their friends to play. Handball is a sport that has elements of both soccer and basketball. It's also a great way to get your children to gather some friends and get active!

Basic Rules of Handball

-The game can be played until a team reaches a set score or can be played by setting a time limit, for example two 15 minute periods.

-Each team usually consists of 7 players; a goalkeeper and 6 outfield players. However, the amount of players can be altered depending on the size of the playing area.

-The outfield players are alowed to touch the ball with any part of their body that is above their knees. No player can kick the ball besides the goalie.

-If a player takes more than three steps without dribbling (bouncing the ball) or holds the ball for more than 3 seconds without bouncing it, shooting or passing the ball, then that is considered ‘walking' and the ball goes to the other team.

-No player besides the goalkeeper is allowed in the goal area. Exceptions are after a shot on goal, when the player jumps into the area and shoots the ball before landing in the goal area. So an outfield players feet never touch inside the goal area with the ball.

-Goalkeepers are allowed out of the goal area but must not touch the ball if they are outside the goal area.

-Players cannot receive the ball and bounce it, then hold the ball, and bounce it again. It's a double dribble and the ball goes to the other team.

Encourage Your Children!

Be sure to share this fantastic outdoor sport with your children. Kids love to try new sports and we make it our goal to provide our campers with great games! Make sure to take a picture of your children and their friends playing handball and then tag us in it on Facebook. We enjoy seeing children having fun, making memories and being healthy and active! 

If you would like to see a certain sport to be featured as the sport of the week please feel free to contact us and let us know which sport you would like us to discuss next.

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