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Backyard Games Approved By SDC

As great backyard games go, this outside activity is near the top of the list for children. This game is a great mixture of two fantastic sports, soccer and baseball. That's right. This week's featured backyard game is kickball, also known as soccer baseball. All your children have to do to be able to play this game is to gather some friends and get a soccer ball. Let's go outside with them!

This is our fourth blog in this series dedicated to helping parents find fun backyard games for their children to play. It's our goal for these games to be shared with children in the attempt to get them outside and being active.

We hope that you enjoy reading about our games as much as your children enjoy playing them. Every week we will publish a new backyard game for your children to play. If you have any ideas of your own about a backyard game you would like featured on this series please feel free to reach out to us!


Kickball - backyard game approved by Sports Discovery Camp!

Kickball is played by two teams of 9 players each. The object of the game is to try to score more runs than your opponent. There is no problem if you have less players. Just adjust the size of your playing area to match the amount of players. Think of a baseball field when you create your playing area, you can use an object like a hat for the bases and the home plate.

One team will start at bat and the other team will be in the outfield. The pitcher rolls the soccer ball towards the batter who kicks the ball. If the ball is caught then that player is out. However, if the ball hits the field without getting caught, that player can run around the bases. If a player is running from one base to another and gets tagged by an opposing player carrying the ball, that player is out. There are foul balls so a player who kicks a foul ball will receive a strike. If a foul ball is caught, that player is out. Once a team gets three outs, they become the batting team. After five innings are played the team with the most runs wins the game.

Take pictures of your children and their friends playing Kickball and tag us on Facebook! We always love to see children having fun with great outside activities! 

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