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Backyard Games Approved By SDC

This backyard games one of the oldest ones in the book however, it’s also one of the best ones. There’s nothing that your children will need for this game except to gather some of their friends.

This is the third blog in our series dedicated to inspiring parents to get their children outside and to get them active. There are endless backyard games to talk about and we want to bring as many of them as we can to our reader's attention!

We hope that you are enjoying our series and are recommending some of our games to your children. Every week we will publish a new backyard game for your children to play. If you have any ideas of your own that you would like to see in our upcoming posts please, share witn us!

Here’s our third backyard game:

This game is called Manhunt and it can be played at anytime of the day with as many people as you would like. First, you need to gather your friends and try to have at least four people playing.

Next, establish a playing area and determine the boundaries. After that, you appoint a time keeper and set a time limit for the game. The time will depend on the number of people playing. Determine who’s going to be the Manhunter or who’s going to be “IT”.

The rest of the players are being hunted. Once the game starts, the Manhunter covers their eyes for two minutes. The rest of the players take that time to hide to get some distance between themselves and the Manhunter.

When the two minutes have ended, the Manhunter begins to look for the other players and will try to tag them. If a Manhunter tags a player, that player will become a Manhunter and now will also try to tag the other remaining players.

No player will know who's been converted, so it’s best to stay away from everyone. At the end of the set time, all who haven’t been tagged by a Manhunter wins. If everyone got tagged in that time limit, no one wins.

There is no way for the Manhunter to win, so always select a new Manhunter for each round, usually the previous winner will start the next game as the Manhunter.

Take Pictures!

Make sure to take a picture of your children and their friends playing and then tag us in it on Facebook. We always love to see children having fun and getting active with their friends! 

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