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Sport of the Week - KanJam

This weeks Sports Discovery Camp sport of the week is KanJam. KanJam has only been around for a few years now, but is a game that includes elements of ultimate frisbee and horseshoes. KanJam can be played just about anywhere and by just about anyone.

SDC Teamwork!-1The game is played in teams of two. Team mates stand at opposite cans, alternating throwing and deflecting. One partner throws the frisbee and the other partner redirects it toward or into the can. After both partners complete one throw each, they pass the frisbee to the opposing team.

The game continues alternating turns until they reach an exact score of 21, unless there is an Instant Win scored. The team who threw second will get the last throw of the game because they have the "redemption" shot.


KanJam Scoring 

Dinger, 1 point: Deflector redirects the thrown disk and hits any side of the can.

Deuce, 2 points: Thrower hits the side of the can and it's unassisted by partner.

Bucket, 3 points: Deflector redirects the thrown disk and it lands inside the can.

Instant Win, Game Over: Thrower lands the disk inside the can, unassisted by their partner. The disk can enter through the slot opening on the side and it can also enter through the top of the can. When an Instant Win occurs, the throwing team is the winner and the opposing team does not have the "redemption" option.

KanJam can be found at Sports Discovery Camp this summer!

Sports Discovery Camp will teach the ultimate frisbee skills and techniques related to KanJam. The main focus of this game will be to teach the campers accuracy when throwing the frisbee and the communication skills that come with working in partners. It's ensured that the campers learn about sportsmanship, respecting their teammates and their opponents!

Kanjam at Sports Discovery CampLearning about the importance of sportsmanship and respect are both very important skills for your children to learn. This is because we want your children to be able to go into a sport and learn what it's like to win but also to lose. It will help them grow as people because not everything in life will go their way. Learning these different soft skills is crucial in the development of their personalities so they can grow as people.

Sports Discovery Camp’s is all about building confidence and leadership through sports. KanJam will be a fantastic game to help develop the communication skills and respect in our campers!

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