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Backyard Games Approved by SDC - Capture The Flag

This backyard game will surely get your children to put down their video games and get them outside. All they will need for this game is simply just two flags and some friends to have fun with.

This series is dedicated to helping parents find fun outside games for their children and their friends to play. We want to bring the outgoing side out of the kids of today. They will have the urge to get off the couch, gather their friends and play some good old fashion backyard games. 

We hope you enjoy reading about these activities as much as your children will enjoy playing them! Every week we will send you a new idea. A fun new game for your children to play. If you have any ideas of your own that you would like to be published on this series, share with us and let’s have fun with our children! 

Here’s this week’s backyard game approved by Sports Discovery Camp - Capture the Flag Game:

Capture the flag Game
Capture the flag Game

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first thing in the morning or if it’s late at night. Capture the Flag can be played at anytime. All your children will need for the game capture the flag is to find two objects to use as the “flag”. These could be water bottles, a hockey ball, an actual flag or any two other small objects. 

They will gather at least three other friends and make two even teams. After that, they will create the playing area which in some cases could be a backyard. Once they have created their playing area, they will split the playing area in half and each team will hide their flag on their respective side. 

The game begins when the flags are both hidden and whichever team is able to retrieved the other teams flag back to their side wins the game. If you are on the other teams side and you get tagged you can’t move until a member of your team tags you back into the game. When hiding the flag a part of the flag must be showing at all times and you can’t stand within 5 feet of your teams flag. 

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