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Sport of the Week: Spikeball

Spikeball is a relatively new game that is a volleyball-like sport that also includes elements of the game foursquare. It can become extremely intense.

To begin the game, two teams of two line up across from each other with the net in the middle. The team that is serving hits the ball onto the net in the direction of the opposing player. The way to win a point is when you serve the ball to the opposite team and they are unable to return it. If they cannot return the serve then the serving team gets a point. 

Play Spikeball at Sports Discovery Camp this summer!
Play Spikeball at Sports Discovery Camp this summer!

Like volleyball each team gets three touches and then they must hit the ball off the net for the other team to return. You don’t have to use all three of your touches before you hit the ball onto the net but you can if you wish. Each time the ball hits the net possession switches to the other team. The rally continues until one team is unable to return the ball onto the net to the other team. 

Spikeball uses rally scoring, which means that points can be won be either team. It doesn’t matter who is serving. Games go to twenty-one and must be won by two points. 


Spikeball can be found at Sports Discovery Camp this summer!

Sports Discovery Camp is designed to teach volleyball skills and techniques related to Spikeball. But we also go beyond. We will teach the campers technical skills and also ensure that they will learn about respect for the sport and confidence while playing. 

Developing confidence is a crucial skill for children which will help them in their everyday lives. This will help them to succeed in managing their relationships with friends and family.

Sports Discovery Camp has an innovative programming that places a strong emphasis using our four core concepts: fun, confidence, teamwork and leadership. Spikeball will be a really unique tool in developing communication skills and confidence in our campers! 

Come have an unforgettable summer with us. 

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