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Top 5 New Sports to Try at Sports Discovery Camp

Sure we have the classic sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, etc. but the world of sports is experiencing a boom in the development of new sports like never before. Here are our Top 5 new sports that we are offering this summer: 

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Sports Discovery Camp New Sports
Discover new sports at Sports Discovery Camp!

  1. Crossminton/Speedminton  - a combination of tennis, badminton and squash. It uses a “speeder” as it’s projectile. You can play the game anywhere you can mark 2 squares on the ground. It’s been played in the Arctic and in deserts and is tons of fun!
  2. Pickle Ball - incorrectly thought of as a seniors game, pickle ball is a game that all ages can play. It can be fast or slow paced and involves hitting a whiffle ball over a net.
  3. Kan Jam - a great game for practicing your frisbee accuracy. Kan Jam requires you to thrown the frisbee into a garbage can type of target or through a rectangular hole for points. Played with a partner who “jams” your frisbee throw into the “kan”. It is an easy game for people of all skill.
  4. Spikeball - with great company values such as having fun, developing trust and always improving, we find their values to be similar to our own. It’s just a great coincidence the folks at Spikeball developed a great sport to play as well. All you need is the spike ball and a trampoline and some friends.
  5. Ultimate Frisbee - has actually been around since 1968 and has developed into a world wide sport with 5.1 million players in the US alone. There are world championships each year. Also, the non-contact sport involves players calling their own fouls, which corresponds nicely to our believe in teaching respect for game, self and others. Ultimate is a super fun sport!

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into some exciting new sports this summer. See you at camp!

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