Home Backyard Game Approved by SDC - Winter Family Games!

Backyard Game Approved by SDC - Winter Family Games!

Hello SDC followers! Let's talk about one more backyard game approved by SDC, a winter family game for you and your family and friends to have fun!

Today is a classic... The snowball fight. 

Backyard Games Approved by Sports Discovery Camp

Yes, that’s right. We are actually encouraging a good old fashioned snowball fight. Yes, we know. You are now envisioning the time when you got hit in the face, it stung like heck, you cried and cried and then...guess what? Life continued! It certainly wasn’t your last snowball fight. And you managed to survive into adulthood regardless. 

So, let’s build forts and walls. Let’s climb over the top and run and chase and let’s get active with a snowball fight. Any reason parents can’t join in? Nope. Go have fun with your kids. Recapture your youth. Stop protecting them every minute. Get dirty. Get wet. Laugh. And, have fun with a good old fashioned snowball fight!

Take a picture and share with us, post on our Facebook page... We will love to see you having a great time like the good old days! It is winter, but don't let that stop us from having fun with a game for the whole family!

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