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Sport of ​the Week: Speedminton

Speedminton, or Crossminton, is a new sport that combines the elements of badminton, tennis and squash. It is a fast-paced sport that requires agility, speed, endurance and speed-endurance. The sport can be played on any surface such as asphalt, sand, snow, grass, etc.

To play, two squares are made several metres apart. The squares can be of different sizes appropriate to the skill level of the athletes. Something called a speeder is used in place of a squash ball, shuttlecock or tennis ball as the projectile. It can travel up to 290 kph and resembles a badminton shuttlecock.

The object is for each player to stand in their square and try to ensure the opposing player cannot land the speeder in your square.


Speedminton can be found at Sports Discovery Camp this summer!

Sports Discovery Camp is designed to teach the badminton skills and techniques, mostly focused on having a great time. But you know we are different than other sports camps. Technical skills are only part of our goal. The primary purpose of Speedminton is to develop respect for the sport and also communication skills.

Being able to communicate effectively is a vital life skill. Investing and promoting in communication abilities since the early ages will help our campers to succeed in their relationships, to go through the challenging adolescence and in the future in their jobs. 

According to Juneja, communication is important because it promotes motivation - how well you inform and clarify expectations, it motivates you. Also, it is a source of information - it helps you to make conscious decisions.

Third, it can alter an individual’s attitude - an effective communication has the power to inspire and, ultimately, change one's attitude. Finally, communication helps in socializing - there is no relationship without communication. 

Sports Discovery Camp’s moto is building confidence through sports. Speedminton will be a really fun tool to develop communication skills and confidence in our campers! 

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