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Backyard Games Approved by SDC - Fun activities for children!

Do you remember when you got home from school and there was a knock at the front door...you opened the door...and kids on the street were standing there, ball gloves, bat and ball were in hand?  And you spent the next 3-4 hours playing a pickup game of baseball? Do you remember your parents getting angry because you wouldn’t come in for dinner? Well, where did those days go?

This blog post is the first in a series dedicated to helping parents find fun outside activities for their children and their families. To return to those ‘good old days’ when kids were active, when they could arrange these games themselves without parents suggesting what to do the moment a device is not in their hand, and how to knock on someone’s door and invite them to play!

We call it...backyard games. We hope you enjoy these suggestions as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you. Every week we will publish a new idea, a fun activity for your children. Let us know what you think. Have some suggestions for games you used to play? Let us know.

Here’s the first one:

Let’s say you have checked the weather forecast and you notice tomorrow might be a snow day. Tons of fresh snow, temperatures under freezing, roads not fit for travelling. How can you turn a day like that into a fun activity for you and your younger children? How about an Ice Cube Scavenger Hunt?

But wait you say, how will we see the ice cubes in the snow? Easy! Make colourful ice cubes using food colouring the night before and them hide them in the snow the next morning. 

Both activities are fun for you and your children and…

Whoever finds the most wins!

Take a picture, tag us on Facebook, we will love to see you having fun with your family and friends!

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