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2019 Sports Discovery Camp - Thank you!

Wow... what a great first year for Sports Discovery Camp. It all started with a dream to have a summer camp where children Sports Discovery Camp Sign

could feel welcome and have fun playing sports in a non-competitive environment. Then we thought: "how wonderful would it be if we could make an impression on these camper's lives using sport and develop life skills such as self-confidence, leadership, team work, respect... Important skills they would need to succeed in life?" So we developed a unique program to make sure everyone had fun and had a chance to grow as a person, not only as a player. 


 We had a fantastic summer in 9 different locations with over a thousand campers attending Sports Discovery Camp. The smiles on our camper’s faces and their enthusiasm showed us what a great summer camp experience we shared.   Adding our unique sports equipment to the mix only made it better! 

We have so many people to thank and we don't want to forget anyone. So here we go:

Sports Discovery Camp CampersFirst, all the families that welcomed us to their community. We appreciate your trust in our organization. As this was our first-year, we thank you for all of your feedback which allowed us to improve day by day. Parents and 66399967_2548318765192025_7987175011913826304_ocampers made a huge contribution to our success. Next year will be even better!



We would also like to thank our amazing staff. Our Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches made Sports Discovery Camp possible and they did an outstanding job. It is not easy to have 50 campers having fun at the same time, yet they managed to succeed! Thank you!

We can’t forget the professional teams that came to camp and encouraged and inspired our campers. The Guelph Night 66721110_2559165500774018_8934361166361133056_oHawks Basketball Team and Hamilton Forge Football Club came to our camps providing unforgettable afternoons. We hope to have you back next season, and we will be partnering with other teams. Stay tuned for more announcements in the future.


Finally, our head office team who worked long hours over the summer to make sure everything was in place, every parent's questions was answered, and our local staff had all the support they needed. We 67315876_2576964595660775_5569038600982495232_oappreciate your hard work!



Now that our 2019 camp has ended, we can only express our most sincere thanks and planning has started for next year. Stay tuned for new locations, new partnerships, and new sports. We can't wait to see you all back in 2020!