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Finally! A Sports Camp that makes sense.

Sports Discovery Camp is launching summer of 2019. Its purpose is to introduce a variety of sports, both traditional and new, to kids who want to learn how to play sports or enhance their existing skills. But it is not just that.

Our activities are designed much differently than regular sports camps that you are used to. Our focus is not on skill. That's right. Developing skill is not our number #1 goal. If that is your #1 goal stop reading now and find a local sports camp that is designed to try and turn your son/daughter into the next sports superstar. That's not us. Intrigued? Then read some more... 

We focus on the skills that your children will need the most as they progress through life. They will need to be excellent team players. They will need to become leaders. And they will need to learn to respect themselves, to establish confidence in themselves and to respect others.

That is our focus.

How do we do it?

Every sport activity they are involved in at Sports Discovery Camp starts with the purpose of addressing a soft skill. As they play the sport or do the activity there are twists they encounter along the way. Activities are conducted in such a way that are thought provoking, that inspire discussion and leave your child thinking about how they can be better friends, help in their family environment and lead by example.

Do they realize that is what is happening at Sports Discovery Camp? No! All they know is they are playing a lot of games and sports and having a great time and yes, learning sports skills. BUT parents will know because kids from Sports Discovery Camp will make a difference in the world someday.

And he or she could be your child.

Come to Sports Discovery Camp and give your child the skills they will need to make a difference!